Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are important since this is a social app.

1. No hacking, no abuse of the system.  Use as it was intended, and don't break it.

2. No immoral or illegal content.  Do not use the system to make content that would upset you if you thought about having made it at a later time.  It offers wide latitude in what you can make.  We don't believe in controlling people, so be responsible.

3.  Don't share stuff that will hurt people.  Use wisdom in what you post and don't get into trouble.

4.  We update these terms regularly. 

5. If you share content, we will keep that content online for indefinite periods of time potentially.  We aren't trying to hurt anyone, but we feel this could be good since it's all user generated.  You can anonymize stuff though by deleting your account.

6. We may use shared content in marketing materials.

7. If you share to facebook or via text, we will share the content on the app for now. We intend to change this in the future, but just want to give you a heads up right now.

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