Privacy Policy - Hans Truelson applications

Privacy Info:

You must understand that as of the writing of this policy we do not keep track of your prompts or images.  However, we have identifiers for each request and theoretically forensic audits could uncover what you generate. So use wisdom and don't do anything that you would regret or could get you in trouble.

Account Deletion:

If you delete your account we wipe out our logs of what you have done and you personal info, but keep track of payments, obviously, because we just have to do that.  We don't store your browsing or generating history online, but third parties we use to handle stress may. It's a big world, and unfortunately we do not have end to end control of everything so third parties could keep it. We do not give your email to them though, just request for info or image help. Sometimes when we are overloaded we ask others to help us. Thank you for understanding.


Collection: We collect your contacts name and email addresses if you choose to share it to help us spread the app. 

Usage:  When you choose to start sharing contacts, we quickly upload the list of all your contacts' email addresses only so that we can tell who we have and have not contacted.  Once we figure out what emails have not been contacted, then we only show those emails so you can get credits for sharing with them.  We do not save any of these emails without your express consent.  Then, for contacts that you select, we will email them in a not spammy way about the app.  We keep track of who we have emailed with your consent long term to make sure that we don't accidentally spam anyone by emailing them to many times or in a disrespectful way.  As a result, even when you delete your account, we keep track of the people we have emailed.  That way we don't email them again by accident.


When you choose to share images in any way, the system may choose to upload a copy of the images to our servers to share with others.  For example, if you publish an image, that image will be on our servers until you delete it.  We will also publish the images to our social media accounts such as twitter and facebook when you publish the image.  You agree to let us do this for as long as we want, and grant us the right to do so with no legal repercussions.  Programming is hard and we are doing this because we haven't written the delete functionality for removing images published to social media... coming soon!  But you can remove them from the app and the website and nobody knows who made it so it becomes anonymous


It's always possible we make mistakes and your information is logged.  Just want you to know nobody's perfect.  Lastly we may change our policy and will try not to without letting you know first.  Thanks. (p.s. sometimes we have to change this policy if we get new ideas and don't want trouble.  Thanks!)
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